The Extra Yachts line was created to build unique and unmistakable yachts with distinctive stylistic and construction features, thanks to the skills of Palumbo Superyachts.

concept 4

a new concept

the new crosseaover experience

The wish to create a new yacht is focused on a NEW CONCEPT recognizable simply by looking at the EXTRA Yachts, with key features and construction quality uncommon to these size yachts.

EXTRA Yachts express the distinctive features of a modern yacht inspired by different types of layouts but focused to be unique and recognizable with an exclusive design to reflect the desire to be at one with the sea, full customization, comfort also during navigation thanks to excellent sea-keeping and reduced noise, low consumptions to respect the environment long-range cruising, exceptionally large volumes to get liveability and comfort of a “villa on the sea” spectacular panoramic view from the main lounge windows blurring the line between the vessel and the surrounding seascape, integrated touch control systems for high functionality and safety.

In addition, direct access to Palumbo Superyachts’ commercial and technical customer support offers significant advantages, including guaranteed quality service by highly trained staff, stable suppliers and – last but not least – peace of mind so to enjoy at full yourCrosSeaOver Yachting Experience.

the spaces

Extra volumes

EXTRA Yachts’ design guarantees maximum liveability in all areas and the blurred boundaries between indoor and outdoor facilitate contact with nature. With a wider beam than same-size yachts, EXTRA Yachts have set a new benchmark in their segment, especially in terms of the cockpit and main salon volumes.

The original design of this range expresses the distinctive character and the unique personality of EXTRA Yachts: on the sides, the contrast between light color fiberglass and dark glass offers a fresh take on traditional sports yachts’ profile. The large glass surfaces produce the effect of a crystal ball offering plenty of natural light and unprecedented volumes in the elegant living areas.

The solar cells help to transform sunlight into green energy, creating games of light and shadows inside that enhances the feeling of close contact with the marine environment. The exceptional cockpit/beach club of EXTRA 76, EXTRA 86 precursors of the new range, covers 50 square meters, a unique dimension where the owner and guests can indulge themselves and live unforgettable experiences.


respect of environment

Sailing in harmony with nature also means respecting the environment. Hence, the careful design process aimed at obtaining hulls with minimal water resistance that, combined with large fuel capacity and appropriately selected engines and generators, endows EXTRA yachts with long-range performance as well as maximizing their environmental sustainability.

Consumption efficiency is increased by solar cells incorporated in the glass surfaces of the hall, in order to generate green energy mainly used to recharge the batteries of ancillary services such as lights and appliances, rather than relying on the generators when at anchor, leaving the soundtrack to nature. Reduced environmental impact, low fuel consumption, and large and bright spaces make EXTRA Yachts an unparalleled choice for yacht enthusiasts willing to cruise in full harmony with the sea and the environment for a true Eco-Friendly Yachting Experience!


Extra engineering on a smaller scale and easy use

The same construction process which, relying on 50 years of experience in engineering, new build, and refit, Palumbo Superyachts has employed in the Super and Megayacht Division, is now applied also to the EXTRA Yachts line.

The integrated touch control systems allow the simple and reliable operation of any automated equipment on board for a truly “Smart Yacht” approach of the kind installed on larger yachts. Palumbo’s acknowledged fifty-years experience in engineering, building, and refitting yachts of any kind and size is applied also in the design and construction of all yachts belonging to the EXTRA line.

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